Jamaica’s national dish in an easy to prepare form.

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    Savor some warm Caribbean hospitality as you enjoy this meal that has the prime status of being Jamaica’s national dish.

    Ackees, which hails from West Africa, and salted codfish (saltfish) which came from Canada, met in Jamaica in the 18th century. The two foods formed an instant bond and since then they have been launched from obscurity to the prime status of being a world renowned dish.

    Combine them with sauteed seasonings and taste the joy they bring to the breakfast, lunch or dinner table. After centuries together, they still bring out the best in each other. The ackee comes pre-cooked for your convenience.

    This Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish Kit Contains
    - Ackee
    - Salted codfish

    Complement It With
    - Fresh Escallions
    - Fresh Onions
    - Fresh or Dried Pepper
    - Fresh or Dried Thyme

    - Two 16 oz cans of Jamaican Ackees

    - One pound of salted codfish